All of our products are Australian made and ethically sourced.

The Fomu collection was designed to have a simple and timeless look. Part of our commitment to producing timeless pieces of sustainable furniture is the use of a highly considered design approach and working with multiple quality materials.

Our products have been designed to create very little wastage through smart manufacturing. The timber components are all of equal thickness, this allows us to source each piece from the same batch of raw material. The thickness of the components was also chosen specifically to avoid as much timber wastage through the machining process as possible.

The timber used in our ranges are sustainably sourced through selective harvesting, this means smaller numbers of trees are harvested per hectare and this allows remaining plants to naturally regenerate the forest.

The finish we have used to seal the timber is a natural plant-based wax/oil. The main properties of this product come from Sunflower, Soya, Linseed and Thistle Oils. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable.